Friday, April 27, 2012

Second Blog Trade!

The Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today by Tushratta

It has been waaaaaaaayy too long since I last posted.  Between work, my scanner going on strike, and not being home too much lately I haven't been able to spend as much time here as I want to.  But that ends now!

I received a package last week from Night Owl that satisfied both of our Opening Day blaster strikeouts (no Dodgers for him, zero Cubs for me).  In addition to that, I was surprised to receive some stuff from my want list as well as some other Cubs I didn't have.  

I wish I could show you more of what he sent me.  However after this was scanned every time I try to scan something a high-pitch screech is heard and nothing happens.  The good news is there were many other cards scanned before these that I wanted to put up here for one reason or another that have yet to make an appearance.  Also, I did have one other card he sent me in this scan and it's by far my favorite:

My collection is still small enough that I can still be regularly amazed by some of the stuff that I didn't know was out there.  The 2008 Masterpieces set was completely unknown to me but I've since picked up the Soriano card as well.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trade with Andrew's Cards

What started with a follow request from Andrew's baseball cards turned into my first trade since starting this blog.  I won't steal his thunder by posting what I sent him but here's what I got out of the deal:

Topps 2012 Carlos Pena Golden Moments g/u relic.  I'm trying to stay positive on the Bryan LaHair era but I'll miss Carlos at first base.

Upper Deck 2008 Baseball Heroes Ernie Banks.  I LOVE the look of the blue background on this card!

Topps 2011 Heritage Aramis Ramirez.

Upper Deck 2007 Future Stars.  I didn't have any of these:

And then I saw this:
The worst part of it is this is the EXACT picture I'd hope the Cubs would use when they win it all. Well played, sir.