Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Have a New Favorite Baseball Player...

And its not a Cub.

In fact, he's a Pirate.

I got to watch him play today and didn't even have to go to Pittsburgh (although the field is nicely built on the banks of a river)...

My son made his rookie debut tonight in front of dozen of fans at City Park in Iowa City.  He (along with 17 other players, all making their debut to organized baseball) had an impressive 2 single outing for a 1.00 batting average while overcoming distractions such as team pictures, finishing cleat drawings in the dirt, and picking up that cool looking rock while coming from 3rd to Home.

The game was coached wisely on both sides, each using an unorthodox nine man infield.  Post-game performance bonuses of Capri Sun and Teddy Grahms were seen dispersed among players.

It was not all good news, however.  Batting Tee will look to put this night behind him after posting a 54.00 ERA.

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